Let Healthland help you get paid quickly and accurately for the care and services you provide

Healthland’s integrated suite of Revenue Cycle Management solutions is designed to help rural and critical access hospitals like yours efficiently manage the entire revenue cycle—from admissions and eligibility verification to claims submission and processing all the way through to denial management and collections.

What sets Healthland Revenue Cycle Management solutions apart?

  • Integrated from front to back to ensure access to patient information throughout the entire revenue cycle process
  • Sophisticated claims scrubbing that can help you submit claims correctly the first time and get money in the door faster
  • Capabilities such as denial management and patient liability estimates that can make the revenue cycle management process more efficient and help you keep claims from becoming bad debt.

Solutions include:

  • Patient Accounting. This core solution provides a single integrated solution for patient registration, accounting, billing and accounts receivable management.
  • Patient Liability Estimates. Provide patients with estimates of care coverage to reduce the possibility of unpaid claims.
  • Electronic Remittance Advice. Automatically download and manage remittance advice from your payers.
  • Eligibility Verification. Check patient eligibility quickly and efficiently.
  • Claim Scrubbing and Submission. Submit clean claims the first time with this solution that features unparalleled editing capabilities, pre-submission claim validation, on-the-fly editing and automatic submission to secondary and tertiary payers.
  • Remittance Management. Manage remittance advice from all payers, and for all patients, in a single location that features advanced reporting capabilities.
  • Denial and Audit Management. Respond to denied claims and manage the entire payer audit process from the initial request letter all the way to the final appeal decision.
  • Contract Management. Managing the nuances in all of your payer contracts is difficult—Healthland makes navigating this process easy and can help you get reimbursed accurately while giving you visibility to contract variances.