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Surgery Management: The Healthland hospital OR management solution eases operations and lets you tailor functionality to your facility

Designed specifically for the surgical departments of rural hospitals and specialized surgical centers, Healthland Surgery Management enables facilities to effectively manage their surgery departments, operations, resources, and schedules.

Users will experience:
• Improved resource management and optimization
• Enhanced flexibility and adaptability to surgeon preferences
• Increased charge capture and billing accuracy
• Simplified inventory management

Healthland Surgery Management includes:


A fundamental financial issue of hospital surgery management is the ability to control the schedule. By controlling the schedule, you are able to maximize the efficient use of resources. This key component of our OR management solution enables you to manage the surgery department more cost-effectively through the efficient and optimized scheduling of patients and resources.

Features include:
Comprehensive system Schedule and track all surgical procedures, personnel, equipment, resources, and supplies
Responsive Real-time conflict checking when scheduling (i.e., surgeons, equipment, rooms)
Ease of use Simply drag and drop to move an appointment, and schedules for all resources are automatically updated
Emergency scheduling Moves all appointments down to accommodate the new case
Visibility Patient tracking and status display via “whiteboard” view

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Procedure/ Preference Cards

Since each organization manages surgical procedures differently and each surgeon has their own preferences, the Preference Card functionality provides the flexibility to define procedures by organizational standards and/or by surgeon preferences. Preference Cards identify the resources and preferences for specific procedures, including surgical materials, equipment, instructions, and setup. They also simplify billing through the creation of charge lists for performed procedures. Upon completion of a procedure, the charge list can be reviewed and modified as needed prior to posting the procedure charges to the patient account. Further, inventory items are depleted based upon charge entry.

Finally, you can tailor reports to the needs of your surgery department. As with the rest of our hospital management solutions, this surgery management application utilizes Crystal Reports to quickly create and publish custom reports.

Features include:
Flexible Procedures can be defined by organizational standards or by physician
Accommodating Preference Cards are set up based on procedures and/or by individual surgeon
Informative Detailed instructions provided for surgeon-specific preferences for room setup, prep, and positioning
Efficiency Pick Lists can be generated for simplified procedure preparation and resource/inventory management
Integrated Works with Patient Management for patient charging and Materials Management for inventory management

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