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Healthland Centriq: The right choice for your patients, your practitioners, and your goal to achieve Meaningful Use

Selecting the right electronic health record (EHR) for your hospital is an important decision, one that ultimately impacts the care you provide to your patients as well as your bottom line. The right EHR must be easy for clinicians to learn and use, provide valuable tools and data to help them deliver safe and informed care, and align with your hospital’s workflow.

Healthland Centriq® features a simple, intuitive user interface that’s easy for clinicians to use, ensuring user adoption—and that translates into increased patient and clinician satisfaction. Because it’s built on a web-based platform, it’s available anytime, anywhere, on any device connected to the Internet. As part of the Centriq EHR, data feeds into a central location and integrates with other care areas—Long-Term Care, Home Health, and Clinic—providing users with a complete view of patient information, past and present, from all care areas. Designed by rural clinicians for rural clinicians, this solution will help you achieve your most important organizational goals:

• Consistent delivery of high-quality patient care, supported by tools that help clinicians manage patient medications, avoid drug interactions, and view patient progress over time

• Improved patient experience and outcomesspeedy access to comprehensive patient information and clinical decision support tools allows clinicians to provide efficient, informed, results-driven care

• Satisfied clinicians who find the system’s simple design is easy to learn, easy to use, and improves productivity

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Healthland Centriq EHR includes:

Computerized Practitioner Order Entry (CPOE)

Our CPOE application is a cornerstone of your inpatient EHR system—and a key ingredient in your ability to demonstrate meaningful use under the ARRA incentive program. With it, you get much more than just order entry and communications. We’ve built in value-add features at the point of order entry to promote user adoption and strengthen the quality of patient care, including:
• Clinical decision support via links to external reference resources
• Medication interaction alerts
• Access to relevant laboratory results
• Duplicate order checking
• Customizable order sets and protocols
• Order templates containing pre-populated screens

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Clinical Documentation

Vital signs, intake-output values, progress notes, and nursing tasks are entered in a single, convenient location—the patient’s EHR. Once in the EHR, the patient information management system makes this data immediately and securely available to the patient’s caregivers throughout your organization.

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Emergency Department

The Healthland emergency department EHR provides the means to expedite and simplify registration, patient tracking, order management, assessments, and other activities in a fast-paced emergency department environment. Thanks to web-enablement with secure access, physicians and managers can monitor patients and department operations from anywhere within the hospital or remotely wherever they have an internet connection.

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A patient’s plan of care often hinges on laboratory results. Our laboratory information system enables the practitioner to focus on these results and patient care by automating many routine tasks, such as lab order processing and tracking. Test results are automatically saved to the patient record. When appropriate, practitioners receive alerts and status updates, eliminating the need for repetitive phone calls from nursing staff to the laboratory.

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Whether it’s processing radiology orders, managing and tracking images, generating department reports, or charging, there are many opportunities to eliminate time-consuming manual steps. Our Radiology application does it all. The payoffs include faster turnaround times and enhanced communications among caregivers.

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This application helps your pharmacy manage all aspects of medication verification and dispensing, including order coordination, interaction checks, administration, and charging. Once a pharmacy order is entered, this information is simultaneously available in the electronic medication administration record, in the pharmacy profile, and in the patient’s EHR.

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