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Emergency Department Information System: Enhance patient care and workflow with our emergency department EHR solution

The closer you look at the Healthland emergency department EHR solution, the clearer it becomes that this is a system designed to assist you with some of your biggest challenges.

Developed with guidance from Healthland customers like you, our Emergency Department solution provides tools and workflows to expedite patient care, simplify documentation and order management, more easily track patient status, and ultimately enhance the delivery of emergency medicine. Users will be able to spend more time on core duties, thanks to the elimination of redundant and extraneous steps in completing everyday tasks.

In creating Healthland Emergency Department, we didn’t just consider the real-world needs of emergency departments. We asked our hospital clientele for their requirements pertaining to functionality, workflows, and usability. This market-driven approach has resulted in a solution that will truly be an asset to your organization—reducing costs, increasing usability, and streamlining deployment through its web-enabled architecture.

Healthland Emergency Department includes:

Quick Registration

In many instances, prompt care translates to more favorable outcomes. However, you may not have any identifying information for an incoming patient. No problem. Quick registration lets you enter a bare minimum of information, even when multiple patients are involved, and then return later to complete the registration process. You’ll be able to rapidly register patients and get them into triage, even when little or no identifying information is available. Quick registration also minimizes delays in placing lab, radiology, pharmacy, and other orders. 

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Patient Tracking

With our emergency department documentation system, an electronic tracking board simplifies and consolidates your view of key activities and indicators within the emergency department. At a high level, you see a register of all patients and their chief complaints, assigned staff, patient acuity, status of all ED beds, and other details that are essential for care delivery and efficient ED operation. Color coding provides at-a-glance alerts to patient acuity and order status. From the tracking board, you can click on a name to drill down into a patient’s chart and order specifics.

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Order Management

Why should you have to walk through 15 or 20 fields that have nothing to do with the order you’re placing? Our order entry system presents only the relevant fields to complete an individual order, accelerating the fulfillment process and delivery of care. Another timesaving feature is the ability to select orders by department list (ED, lab, radiology, or medication) or order set, according to the patient’s chief complaint. It’s just as easy and fast to check on orders, thanks to color-coded status indicators and type-ahead, quick-search functionality.

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Interaction Tracking

Once a medication order is placed, the Healthland ED EHR system automatically checks it against documented allergies, medication history, and all prior medications ordered in the ED. It also confirms the dosage of ordered medications. By detecting any conflicts or incorrect doses, the system helps prevent medication errors, thus enhancing patient safety.

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Patient assessments can be a cumbersome process—a mountain of information to review and document with each encounter. You’ll appreciate how Healthland Emergency Department greatly streamlines this everyday task. Clicking on a body system icon takes you into detailed measures related to the patient’s ED visit. The body system assessment screens present a snapshot of the patient’s readings: both normal and abnormal, as well as those not assessed. With each encounter, you choose the items you want to review and document, and nothing extra.

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Graphical User Interface

Our emergency department EHR solution features a highly graphical user interface, created with input from a client advisory group. Because it’s so immediately familiar, user adoption will increase and you’ll spend less time on staff orientation and training—an important consideration for an environment that’s known for high staff turnover.

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