Home Health: Extend Healthland capabilities and efficiencies with our home healthcare solution

Your hospital deserves to benefit from home care provider software that can support the cost-effective delivery of home health services while maintaining compliance with regulators and payers. The Healthland Home Health solution integrates seamlessly with your Healthland hospital information management systems to consolidate and simplify the ways you manage patient information, generate charges, track equipment, and create and transmit CMS-required documentation.

Using a single hospital-to-home-health vendor helps keep your costs down and lessens the burden on your IT department. You’ll also benefit by automatically sharing patient data with your hospital’s patient information management, medical records, and billing systems, thus eliminating or reducing redundant data entry and decreasing the risk of data errors.

Healthland Home Health includes:

Required CMS Documentation

Healthland Home Health provides streamlined compliance with the latest CMS documentation requirements, including the new Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS-C) report and Plan of Care (485, 486, and 487) forms.

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Automated Billing

Users enter the duration of a visit, and the home health management system automatically calculates the correct billable amount based upon the caregiver’s job description.

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Equipment Rental Tracking

When durable medical equipment is used, the system provides rental tracking, automated billing, and usage history.

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Report Writer

The Healthland home healthcare solution generates flexible, easy-to-use standard reports that provide quick snapshots of unduplicated census, mileage, patient demographics, nurse visits, and more.

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Other Features and Capabilities

• Tracking of statistical information on satellite agencies
• Electronic media claims transmission
• Ability to store and retrieve patient treatment codes, as well as the frequency and duration of visits by discipline

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